Soft Tissue Trainer Products

  Intramuscular Injection Trainers

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The intramuscular injection series is self-sealing and can be drained of fluids easily.  Accordingly, they will last through multiple training sessions with out deteriorating.  The smallest trainer of the series is perfect for individual practice and can withstand 3000 injections.  The medium and large trainers can hold a greater amount of water and withstand even more injections making them ideal for group training.

Cyst Trainer


The incision and drainage cyst trainer is perfect for showing anyone how to incise, drain and pack a cyst.  It is also a great tool to show the proper dodging technique required when performing an incision.  To see the cyst trainer in action, you can click on the link to our demonstration video.  The cyst trainer's white cover and base is reusable and comes with enough replacement parts (four epidermis skins and eight cysts) to use the trainer four additional times.



The PractiSkin series is comprised of five distinct skins, each of which excels at a specific type of training including biopsy, tunneling, stapling, and various types of suture training.  Any of our skins can be purchased alone or with a suture kit.

Angioplasty Leg Soft Tissue Trainer



Flouroscopic and Ultrasound imaging of the Angioplasty Leg Soft Tissue Trainer

Fluoro Ultra Sound Leg Trainer 2
Fluoro Leg Trainer
Fluoro Leg Trainer Ankle
Fluoro Leg Trainer 3a
Fluoro Leg Trainer 3
Fluoro Leg Trainer 2

Femoral Access Lower Extremities Soft Tissue Trainer


Radial Access Arm Soft Tissue Trainer

Vascular Access Arm Simulator


Full Leg_Lower Leg_Arm_ PVI System Pic_051215

Pediatric Arm Trainer


 As shown in the pictures above, the lower extremities, pediatric arm, and full-size radial access arm trainers can be attached to pumps which pulse fluid through artificial arteries to simulate blood flow. Our patented, ultrasound-able, self-sealing design makes these trainers ideal for injection and ultrasound training.  Instead of replacing an entire trainer one can purchase replacement cartridges for both the pediatric and radial access arm trainers.

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