PractiSkin™ Suture Skin Series

Rev-J PractiSkin™

Rev-J PractiSkin™

During development, we collaborated with physicians in order to create the most realistic synthetic suture skin possible.  After testing it with numerous medical schools and making nine revisions, we finally have a product that will stand the test of time.  Our goal is for every student who uses our product to be 100% confident in his or her ability when suturing a patient for the first time.

The PractiSkin™ suture skin series is comprised of five distinct skins, each of which excels at a specific type of training including biopsy, tunneling, stapling, and various types of suture training.  If you are still using orange peels, pigs feet, cadavers, or unrealistic prosthetic skin watch the PractiSkin™ Series video and find out which skin is the best for you.

PractiSkin's™ main features include the following:

  1. Re-usability. Trainees can reuse incision sites over and over again to master their technique.
  2. Stability. Beneath the dermis, each skin has a non-slip pad designed to grip the table eliminating the need for extra accessories like suturing cradles.
  3. Durability. 5 Layer Rev-J PractiSkin™ will hold superficial as well as deep sutures without tearing.
  4. Aesthetics. The epidermis and dermis of each skin have a realistic look and feel.

As Dixon Huiet, our national sales manager, stated in the video, any of our skins can be purchased alone or with a suture kit.  If there is something you don't see in our kit that you would like to be included, we can customize it to your liking.  Our standard suture kit includes everything one needs to learn how to suture.

  1. 4 x 4 x 3/4 inch piece of 5 Layer Rev-J PractiSkin™ (Suture Skin)
  2. Tools for suture training
  3. Ropes for practicing knot tying
  4. A very durable, compact, “backpack like” pouch

It is very convenient for frequent practicing when initially learning as well as refreshing one’s skills years later because it keeps everything that is needed to practice suturing protected and all in one place.

Additional Products You May Need...


Rev-H PractiSkin™ Tunneling Skin

PractiSkin™ Tunneling Skin requires zero preparation and it can be customized to fit over a manikin simulator to practice for various new and existing procedures.  In the specific example below, the customer needed to be able to train individuals how to properly tunnel into the thoracic cavity with a new medical device.  If you have a specific procedure you need to train for, let Grays Bone design a custom trainer for you and gain the most realistic experience from your training as possible.

Picture5                         Rev H PM III Tunneling Skin Pic 1_032717                         

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